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Testimonials about Life Coaching

“During my sessions with Ms. Martha Lee as my coach, I found her to be serious, thorough, attentive and supportive. She has demonstrated a good grasp of academic material together with an understanding for its best timing and in-depth application.

Her listening skills, incisive questions and her open and honest, personal approach were always practiced, thus delivering an important, quality-packed, effective coaching service.

In light of Martha’s talent and aptitude I have no hesitation in recommending her as a loyal, capable and productive Life Coach in whatever area she chooses to specialize.”

- Terry Bahat (Ms.)


“I have been the fortunate recipient of individual coaching from Martha Lee during four one-hour sessions.

These sessions have covered three subjects which are current concerns for me:

1. developing a short term plan for improvement of physical exercise program and mental well being
2. initiation of a medium term career transition plan
3. defining first steps and aspirational goals for a long term personal development plan (a passion for more serious creative photography)

In each session, Ms. Lee expertly guided me through establishing the objective of the particular session, defining the goals I would like to set for myself, examination of options, hurdles, and opportunities in achieving these goals, and establishing my personal level of commitment to successful realization of these goals.

I would characterize Ms. Lee’s approach as professional, non judgemental, appropriately structured and goal oriented, personally interested and asking relevant thought provoking questions, encouraging of further ideas and development of detail action steps, and establishing a supportive openness to discuss follow through and results.

While these sessions were the first time I actually thought through and discussed many of my desired goals with another person, Ms Lee’s encouraging smile would appear at exactly the right instant to allow me to comfortably do so.

I value my coaching sessions with Ms. Lee, and feel I have already benefited greatly. She has my whole hearted recommendation.”

- Duff Hughes (Mr.)

“I’ve learnt that through Life Coaching I can realise my true potential. Through guided advice and tools, Martha applied her knowledge learnt throughout my sessions with her. The tools were useful in my day to day coping with stress and expanded my imagination of ways to find affirmation for yourself, looking at the positive aspects of situations and thinking through life situations in the past.

I recommend Martha to anyone wishing for a supportive guide to take them through life in order to make better choices for themselves and expand their ways of thinking.”

- Sha Najak (Ms.)

Workshop Participant

"Martha is an intuitive and empathetic life coach. I found her Visioning workshop to be an enlightening and interesting experience, where under her thoughtful guidance, our group learnt about focusing on our goals and channeling our energies toward their fruition. In the process, I gained greater clarity of what I truly want out of life. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a responsible and professional Life Coach."

- Jason Wong (Mr.)

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